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Federation Update - 26 October 2018

Following on from the federation consultation process, which took place last term, the governing bodies from both the Infant and Junior schools have now ratified the proposal to federate. The two schools will formally federate on 1st January 2019. The consultation process enabled staff and parents opportunities to ask questions of the governors and find out more about the proposal. The feedback received was positive from both staff and parents who attended the the consultation meetings.
We strongly believe that whilst both schools will retain their existing identities, federation will increase collaboration, enable the sharing of best practice, ensure one clear line of governance for the future Executive Headteacher and strengthen the educational experience for the children and staff.

Consultation on the Proposed Federation of SS Alban & Stephen Catholic Infant & Nursery School and SS Alban & Stephen Catholic Junior School

The Governing Bodies of the two schools have recently informed you of their proposal to form a Federation between the two schools. The schools have previously worked closely together and the formalisation of this through federation is, we believe, in the interests of both schools’ children and staff.

The Governing Boards at each school are today beginning a consultation process with parents, staff and other stakeholders (such as Hertfordshire County Council) on the formation of a federation between the schools - a federation that would be led by a single Board of Governors.

The Consultation Paper sets out to address three items:
A.   The nature of the consultation process and the ways in which you can contribute to it
B.   Governance arrangements under the Federation
C.   Recommendation of the two Governing Boards and rationale

The consultation process begins on 16th May 2018 and closes on 28th June 2018 at midnight.

There are a number of ways in which you can participate and there will be opportunities for you to learn more about the governing boards’ proposal in face-to-face sessions at the two schools. These are:

Parents and Carers:
There are three ways in which you can make your views known:
• By raising your comments or queries at scheduled face-to-face meetings (see below)
• By e-mailing your comments or queries to governors@ssasinfants.herts.sch.uk, (note - this is the joint email address for both schools for the purposes of this Consultation Paper)
• By dropping your comments or queries into the Governor Boxes situated in the foyers of both schools

Two parent meetings have been scheduled to enable parents and carers to meet with school and governing board representatives to discuss the federation proposal. The dates and venues are detailed below and both are open to parents and carers with children at either school:

Ss Alban & Stephen Catholic Infant & Nursery School Fri 25th May, 10am – 11am
Ss Alban & Stephen Catholic Junior School Thurs 7th June, 7pm – 8pm

Staff will be consulted via regular staff meetings at their respective schools. In addition, meetings specifically dedicated to this proposal are scheduled for the Infant School staff on 5th June and for the Junior School staff on 5th June.

Staff are welcome to consult their trade unions and professional associations should they have concerns and queries. Staff can also invite them to the meeting above and we would ask that you inform the Infant School Headteacher or the Acting Junior School Headteacher that they will be attending.

The federation process will feature in school assemblies and other aspects of school life during the consultation period.

Useful links:
Consultation Paper
Email address for questions and responses to the Consultation: governors@ssasinfants.herts.sch.uk