Welcome to our Nursery!

The Foundation Stage is what we call the early years of education; the time spent in a Nursery and in the Reception class. It is exactly what it says, a foundation for future learning. Most of the time it won’t feel like learning, the children see it as fun and an extension of their play. There are seven broad areas of learning in the Foundation Stage. These inform planning and teaching and promote learning to ensure children’s ‘school readiness’. The areas also give children the broad range of knowledge and skills that provide the right foundation for good future progress through school and life. Our Nursery Class expectations are that we are safe, happy and healthy, and that we make good choices, listen and learn.

The Nursery children created a lovely dinosaur collage.

We've been having lots of fun in Nursery

Foundation Sports Day

No tights please on PE days

Making Reindeer food

santa dec 2016 069

santa dec 2016 076

Our Christmas tree


Purple Parties!

Learning about Advent

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santa dec 2016 008

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"The children in the Nursery class and those in the Reception classes make outstanding progress and have an excellent start to school life” Ofsted Report, July 2011

Our Teachers

Foundation Stage leader – Mrs Smith
Nursery teachers – Mrs Smith (Mon-Wed) & Mrs Lloyd (Wed-Fri)
Nursery nurse – Mrs LoBue
Teaching assistant - Mrs Realmuto (am) & Miss Ruff (pm)

Autumn Term

The children have settled into Nursery very well and are making new friends. They are now exploring the whole of the foundation playground and have had great fun this week. Just a reminder too about our Nursery Welcome Assembly, please do come along on October 19th, 9am or 2.45pm.

Class Times

Morning Nursery: 8:45-11:45am
Afternoon Nursery: 12:15-3:15pm
Please wait in the Nursery cloakroom or outside the Nursery at drop off times. A teacher will be standing by the door at drop off and collection times. Please give us any messages at this time. If your child is being collected by someone other than you, we will write it down. If you’re stuck in traffic or need to make a last minute change to your collection arrangements, please call the school office on 01727 854643. If you haven’t told us of any changes, we will not let your child go home until we have spoken to you.

Our Work and Projects

In Nursery, we follow the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS). The seven areas of learning and development that shape our curriculum are:
• Personal, social and emotional development (PSED)
• Mathematics (M)
• Communication and language (CL)
• Literacy (L)
• Understanding of the world (UW)
• Expressive art and design (EAD)
• Physical development (PD)

Maths in Nursery

A lot of fun comes from playing games and a lot of maths learning can take place at the same time. It is important that young children are aware of numbers from an early age and that they have fun with numbers in a relaxed atmosphere. In Nursery, talk to children about maths in the environment – e.g. as you drive along in the car or on the walk to the shops etc. It is important to develop curiosity and good observational skills which will transfer to other areas of life.

Our day

In Nursery, we include lots of regular activities in the day to help children get used to Nursery and know what to expect. Activities include:

• Fidgety Fingers Time
• Welcome Time
• Group Time

• Letters and Sounds
• CIL Time (“CHIL”) (Child Initiated Learning)
• Muscle Time

Events in the Year

In Nursery we celebrate all the main events of the year, such as Harvest and Christmas, and parents are invited to join us for some of them (eg Mothers day).

“…the Early Years Foundation Stage is exceptionally well led and managed.” Ofsted Report, July 2011

Magic moments!

We are really keen to know about anything exciting / any achievements that occur for your child outside of school. They can share these with us and the class. We will provide magic moment cards for you to fill in and send to school.

Nursery arrival prayer

In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, Amen
Thank you God for this [insert type of weather e.g. sunny] day
In my school to work and play
Please be with me all day long
In every story, game and song
From my head to my heart, from shoulder to shoulder, I love you Jesus, Amen

Nursery home time prayer

In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, Amen
School is over for today
We have enjoyed our work and play
Before we go we’d like to say
Than you heavenly Father
From my head to my heart, from should to shoulder, I love you Jesus, Amen