Our strong PTA (Parent Teacher Association) is here to arrange, organise and run events to raise money to support the schools, and to bring us together as a community, in ways that are hopefully fun or helpful for all.
Our PTA represents both the Infant and Junior schools and events will take place at both venues.

To contact us directly, please email

We need a Deputy Treasurer

We have a new Treasurer, Ian Loh! Welcome Ian.
At the end of the Summer we’ll be in need of someone to manage the day-to-day banking and bookkeeping of the monies we raise. This role is absolutely crucial for every event to run smoothly and it’s important that we fill it as soon as possible. If you’re able and willing to handle monies before and after events and are around during the day to do the banking, then it sounds like you’re perfect for the role. Please put your name forward:
You’ll get full training so you’re ready for action in time for the autumn term.

Upcoming events

Want to Help At Future Events?

The end of Spring term Easter event is just 4 weeks away, 29th March 1pm – 4pm please let us know if you can help on the day either with set up serving tea or coffee or support with crafts, all help is appreciated.
This year we plan to have a Summer outdoor event 30th June at the Juniors and the regular Autumn Fair 22nd September at the Infants. If you have ideas of things you would like to be included at these events, want to be involved, can help run a stall, serve behind a bar or cook a BBQ then please let us know.


Please don’t forget to sign up with easyfundraising for your day to day or occasional purchases it really is an easy way for you to help us raise valuable funds to get new equipment for our schools