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See Support and SEND for support for families and special educational needs and disabilities.


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Herts for Learning eSafety Parent Newsletter Spring 2018

See Policies for our Esafety Policy.

The rules we covered are:
1. People you meet online are strangers, not friends like those you have at school
2. Be nice to people online, like you would in the playground
3. Keep your personal information private
4. Always tell an adult if you get stuck or are worried about something you see online.
We will continue to add resources and information like so keep checking.
KS1 children also saw the following short film Lee and Kim. In Feb 2017 KS1 learnt about Smartie the penguin and his family.

Films, Games and Apps

We teach the children how to stay safe online at school and take guidance from Herts, which can be found at Some children have told us they have seen Avengers:Infinity War which is a 12A certificate. There are occasions when they take things they see in films and games and ‘play them out’ in the playground, which can lead to children getting hurt. We can recommend:
For films -
For apps and tablet games -
For computer and console games -
Many parents have found an American site called useful. Please do check. Look out for our next eSafety workshop which will give top tips and practical advice to help you make the most of excellent technology and information whilst keeping your children safe online.

Staying Safe

A key part of children's learning on personal safety is finding and using a ‘BIG voice’ so they can get help in any situation where they feel uncomfortable or worried. We explain how the area covered by a swimsuit or pants is private. Useful resources for parents can be found at . It is so important that we teach the children how to assert themselves and empower them to take a problem to a trusted adult. 

Health & School Meals

Health for Kids Website - Hertfordshire County Council is promoting a website for children between the ages of 4 and 11. There are activities for parents/carers/teachers to enjoy with children, advice to support their development and much more. Please note that there is a range of material and advice which parents should screen first before using with their children. It can be found at

Summer/Autumn Menu 2018 We have the Hertforshire Catering 'multi choice menu' which our cook, Mrs Ertan, has adapted to suit the preferences of the children.

Our School Nurse is available for you to discuss any issues you may have with your school age child (5years+). She is happy to give advice on diet, sleeping, bedwetting, allergies and health in general. School Health can be contacted on 01923 427435/427295. (For under 5s please contact your Health Visitor.)

Head Lice -

Flu Precautions - In school we encourage the "Catch it, Bin it, Kill it" message from the NHS's-pack/childrens-pack-animation.aspx


Education in Hertfordshire: 
The University of Hertfordshire regularly presents some interesting family events.

Help with work
tuxpaint and tuxtype are web sites that we use in school, there are free downloads available. Year 2 children work their way through the Tux Type lessons.