What Parents Say

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'...supportive, nurturing, inclusive and caring school'  2017

' ..community, fun times and the wonder of learning for our children.' 2017

'.. fantastic learning environment and brilliant teachers.' 2017

'..thank you for creating such a loving and nurturing environment that our children have thrived in.' 2017

'..my child is confident and ready for the next step to Juniors.' 2017

'..my child has been given the tools to grow and shine...' 2017

"A huge thank you for all the love, care and attention and everything you've taught our son over that last 3 years. It's gone so quickly and he has thrived. he's very proud of his school and everything he has learnt." 2016

".... our kids feel this school is a "cocoon of love". Our son is coming out of the "nest" of SSAS infants, and whilst I am nervous, at the same time I am impressed by the confidence you have put in him through all your staff, activities and ethos...." 2016

"My daughter has really enjoyed her time in Reception, and the school is a really happy place to be. Thank you for this special place." 2016

"Our children have a vibrant love of learning, but also importantly, a strong sense of community from your teaching." 2016

On Green Day 2015: "I just had to email you to thoroughly congratulate all the staff at the infants ... the behaviour of the children was truly amazing...the genuine enthusiasm of the teachers, staff and parent helpers was truly infectious...the community spirit of the day was lovely, there was a real excitement and energy ... the range of activities and creativity on show was brilliant! (Seeing children literally up to their elbows in thick black mud in the name of education is an image I will never forget!!) ... the response [from children] was always the same, they were clamoring to tell me what activities they had loved the most, [they were] bursting with all their knowledge on green issues ... I only wish I could have stayed for all of it"

"I just wanted to say a big thank you to the organisers of Forest school yesterday. My daughter loved it, and was filling me in on all the details throughout the evening. We are so lucky to have a school that goes the extra mile in organising such enriching activities for the children – and which allow them to have learn and have fun at the same time." 2015

"Thank you so much for providing such a loving environment at the school and looking after our son. Above all he has now a space for Jesus in his heart, and the values you are building through your staff will be the foundation of his future as a good human being." 2014

"I find myself constantly reflecting back to the first moment I stepped inside your school for the tour when looking for a school for our daughter. From the moment I stepped in and understood what the school ethos was, and savoured the atmosphere, I just so hoped my children would be lucky enough to attend." 2014