Year 2

Key Stage 1 is the time spent in Year 1 and Year 2. In Year 2 we have two classes. At the end of Year 2 our children move to the Junior School.


Homework 19/5

There is no written homework this week. We would simply like to children to read lots at home. All of the children have worked really well on their special work over the past few weeks and deserve a nice break. 

Next week

RE - Pentecost
Topic - We will also be starting to explore our new topic- minibeasts. We will be learning how to sort and classify objects into living/non-living and never alive categories. We will be looking at the characteristics of living things and exploring and creating food chains. 
Green Day - Wednesday will be green day and we will have lots of exciting activities to explore on the day.
Maths - We will be revising multiplication and in forest school we will be using the magnifying glasses to find minibeasts in our school environment. 

If it is raining, please remember to send wellies to school on forest school day. 

Building Castles - Construction

Building Castles - Forest School

Class 5's Scratch movie

Class 6's Scratch movie




Chicks in school!

In March we enjoyed having an incubator in school and we watched the chicks hatch. We were lucky enough to hold one!

We've been planting seeds!

Class 6's Marble in the Jar Yreat

Maths Bring & Buy was great fun!

We made stick men!

Ian the story teller came to see us

Fire of London workshop

Measuring in Year 2

Class 6.. Bringing Story to Life..

In groups of three, we took on the roles of; Princess, King and Queen. 

It was our task to think about the dialogue that might have happened when the three characters met at the start of the story ‘The Princess and the Pea.’ We intonated our voices and performed our sketches to the class.  We had a lot of fun bringing the story to life.

Class 6 Christmas

Decorating the Christmas Tree

IMG_0258 IMG_0260
IMG_0261 IMG_0262 IMG_0263

Investigating Circuits

We were very busy investigating circuits yesterday. We made a plan and tried out different ways to make the light bulb and the fan work. There was a lot of reviewing and doing in our work but each time our work and got better and better. We displayed excellent growth mind-set and wonderful mistakes are always encouraged!

Year 2 are extremely busy preparing. 

We are preparing for the birth of Jesus.  On Thursday afternoon, we spent some time choosing which Advent activities we would like to do in order to prepare for the coming of Jesus. We have been learning that the prophet Isaiah foretold the coming of Jesus and described Him as a ‘powerful God’ and a ‘strong friend’
We prepared in our own way.  We made Advent Wreaths, stable scenes, Lego stables and finger puppets so that we can act out the story of the birth of Jesus when we like! 
In class this week, we also wrote a dialogue that might have happened between Mary and Angel Gabriel when he came to visit her.  Some of us also acted out the scene.  Next week, we will learn all about what happened in the Visitation and the journey to Bethlehem.  Of course we are also busy preparing our Christmas production too.   
We love preparing during Advent!

Class 6 - building with crates and planks

Electricity Circuits - Class 6

My Junk Model! (Class 6)

Tux Typing

The children are using Tux Typing to learn how to type. Tux Typing is free to down load so they can use it at home too

Class 6 - Forest School

"This [outstanding progress and an excellent start] is maintained in Years 1 and 2, and pupils develop excellent attitudes towards learning.......The school has worked particularly hard at improving boys’ achievement, especially in writing. This has been very successful and boys now achieve much better than boys of the same age nationally." Ofsted Report, July 2011

Class 5
Teachers: Mrs Watters (Mon & Tues) & Mrs Tennant (Wed-Fri)
Assistants: Mrs Moss (Tues, Wed, Fri) & Mrs Creagh (Mon & Thurs)

Class 6
Teachers: Miss Cannon
Assistants: Mrs Grisley (Mon-Thur) & Mrs Creagh (Fri)

Cuffley Camp

Class Times
Doors open: 8:50am
Doors close: 9:00am*
Finish: 3:10pm
*after 9am - please sign in at the office.